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alone chapter 5
There was a constant beeping noise next to his head, the type that gets annoying after 10 seconds. Though with his enhanced hearing it sounded like a constant (and the fact that his head hurt like hell) hammer that kept banging at his head. Where was he anyway? He felt his surroundings, he could smell medicine, he could hear the beeping, but by the way it sounded the room was big and somewhat bear, and he was on a bed.
'Ok so the most probable place I' am right now is the hospital.'
He opened his eyes, only to close them at the sudden brightness, he kept his eyes close and tried getting up. He managed to lift his upper body with his elbows, before he fell back with the sudden pain on his sides.
'You've had worst than this, come on, stop being a baby and get up.' He told himself.
With that in mind he managed to get himself up and rest against the head broad. It was than that Danny finally got a better look of the room. It was clean, as a hospital should be, but what bothered him was the
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the road 2 by Dresy99 the road 2 :icondresy99:Dresy99 0 0 the road by Dresy99 the road :icondresy99:Dresy99 0 0 dead by Dresy99 dead :icondresy99:Dresy99 0 0 flowers by Dresy99 flowers :icondresy99:Dresy99 0 0 sunset (live) by Dresy99 sunset (live) :icondresy99:Dresy99 2 1 light through the dark by Dresy99 light through the dark :icondresy99:Dresy99 1 4
alone chapter 4
It started out as a normal day, well as far as normal ever went for Danny. He had just turned a corner, to meet utter chaos. Cops everywhere, panicking people and god knows what else.
'What in Clockwork's names is going on here?!'
His thoughts were interrupted by the loud sound out of falling rocks. He turned his head sharply to the source of the sound, to find....
A giant rock man.
'Wait, what?'
He was just staring, flabbergasted, until that thing charged at him. He managed to get out of the way before that thing made a pancake out of him. He heard that thing crash into another building and he just stared at it for another second, looking like a crazed kid. Standing in the middle of a chaos infested street, like a complete idiot.
Danny blinked once, make that twice, ok make that three times.
"Hey you! Get out of the street!" he heard someone yell behind him.
He turned and stared. Because standing there were five teens who thought Halloween had cone early this year.
"Hey, didn't you he
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alone chapter 3
     Day came far to fast for Danny's liking. He was in the park, on top of a tree that serve as a bed for him. Danny looked down, checking for bystanders (no need to have random people asking questions) and jumped of the tree, into the emerald green grass. He yawned, and rubbed his eye, he was the type of person that didn't need much sleep, 3 hours for him were normal, 5 hours was over sleeping. He had had at least 4 hours of sleep today, maybe it was because earlier today he had ran from a random man.
     What had he wanted? Was he from the government? Did that man know he was a halfa? Though most of all- was he working for Plasmius?
     Out of all the questions that was the one that was making him more nervous then the rest. After the explosion he had become his legal guardian (though he would have like his aunt Alice more), and he be damed, before he let that future play out. His look had changed plenty in
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alone chapter 2
     Slade was a man that always got what he wanted. Never once in his life had he failed to obtain what be wanted. That is until he met the Teen Titans. Those blasted teens.
     How could teenagers beat him, Slade, it just didn't add up. It was not possible, and they hadn't just beaten him once, but twice. Hell, he'd even teamed up with them once. That had ruined his reputation.
     God dame it, why had he even fought of message with them in the first place? Ohhh, thats right, Robin, his ex- apprentice. The leader of 'the greatest teenage super heroes'. He tightened his grip on the side of his chair.
     He needed to get out of here, before he did something drastic to get his anger out. He stood up and left, to the canyon to think. He was there for about ten seconds, when he saw something interesting. Someone was walking in the canyon. Now that its self isn't strange, in the day, but
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alone chapter 1
- 2 years later -
     He remembered that a long time ago he used to be happy. He remembered how naive and innocent he was. How he always used to think that good would always win. God why was he so stupid back then?
     There is no such thing as a happy ending. Not for him anyway. The only thing that actually kept him going now was the promise.
The promise.
     Many people that of him as just so freaky goth, sometimes an emo, here and there. The rest of the people on the other hand, thought that he was dead. He didn't complain, that what he wanted them to think anyway. Now he knew what she meant, when she said that people didn't see the world from another angle.
     He was one of those cases. Nobody ever came up to him and know him, the only people that did were gone. He left to not become him, to keep the promise that he made to her, to them.
The promise.
It alway came back to the pr
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alone (prologue)
     Most of the time he wondered if his life had ever been easy to begging with, never once did he think of his life benign normal. His parents wanted to kill him for what he was, the town he protected didn't want to be protected, and most of the citizens thought of him as the villain. Being constantly chased by bullies for being an outsider, his town looking down at him for his parents jobs, life had never been to Daniel "Danny" Fenton. Though things started to really go down hill when he got out of the potal.
     He was a classified as a villain, a freak, but most of all he was classified as a 'malevolent ghost'. He never meant to be a ghost, why couldn't he have gained his powers without having to be turned in to hybrid? Did the world really hate him that much? And why a ghost of all things? Why did he have to turn into the thing that his parents hated the most?
     Nobody, hub his two best friends knew th
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clothes by Dresy99 clothes :icondresy99:Dresy99 4 0


about the story, sorry if the chapters are short and i may not
update the story so frequently
just thought that you should know
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